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News Comedy

I was reading an article over the weekend - I forget where, possibly the Observer - suggesting that the supposedly edifying TV viewing of documentaries and current affairs was actually worse for your health and emotional wellbeing than comedy and 'reality' TV. I have to admit, my predilicition for current affairs may not be entirely unconnected to my habitual grumpiness, disdain for my fellow man and occasional sociopathy.
However, how to classify the video clip in the following piece? I may be biased - "may be" being a euphemism for "am absolutely" - but Osborne's unconvincing bravado and floundering here are wonderful, especially the cutting off of Channel 4's Gary Gibbon.

(Here's ITN's YouTube version, to which the comments immediately following sadly do not apply:

Best of all is the nice edit at the end. It doesn't fade to black, just cuts Osborne off mid-sentence. You can almost hear the editor spluttering in disgust as he realises that anyone with half a brain knows exactly how that sentence is going to continue. After all, it's all George has been trotting out in response to a variety of different questions. Or rather, all he's been trotting out to the same question phrased in a variety of interesting new ways.
Rothschild is apparently a contemporary of Osborne's in the Bullingdon Club. The same club at which David Cameron and Boris Johnson were contemporaries some five years earlier (well done, chaps - go to the top of the classless society). I cannot help but imagine that this little spat has its orgins in some sordid early-'90s university intrigue. Did George whisk Nat's girlfriend off somewhere? Did Nat whisk George off somewhere? We should almost certainly not be told.

And Andrew Feldman, the Tory fundrasier who happily happened to be happily staying close enough to drop in for a chat on the yacht, was in David Cameron's Uni tennis team. I would go on, but I've just puked up a little bit in my mouth.